12.09.17 Blog

Active Ageing

The American College of Sports Medicine has concluded that there is no segment of the population that can benefit more from exercise than the elderly.

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07.08.17 Blog

Reducing the distress of dementia

The number of older people is on the rise globally, and this includes South Africa, where projections suggest that by the end of the century those over 60 could make up almost ⅓ of South Africans.


26.07.17 Blog

Does Evergreen’s Life Right model offer the perfect retirement lifestyle?

If you’d prefer to listen to Arthur Case, CEO of the Evergreen Group, discuss the Life Right model, listen to the audio clip below:


09.05.17 News

Housing for the older generation: greater supply crucial for the future

Today’s generation of older people – those nearing 70 – are able to live a lifestyle associated more with younger people. Unlike their parents, retirement at the age of 60 or 65 is not mandatory, and many are choosing to extend their working lives – either out of financial


17.04.17 Blog

Future Trends in Retirement Living

I guess the first trend in retirement living is that people aren’t retiring anymore, at least not the way they used to! Instead many are working longer out of necessity or a desire to remain vital and engaged. Retired executives extend their contracts or become business consultants and many retirees set up small businesses or…


05.04.17 Blog

The critical importance of care

We are ever mindful of the roles that care plays in our villages, and we are always delighted to receive reports, e-mails and phone calls from residents who have benefitted from the care of others. Receiving care serves to remind us that we are valued, and goes to an essential human need and right –…


17.03.17 Press Release

The time of your life

The retirement boom has hit and today’s seniors are reshaping what it’s all about. They view retirement as a whole new opportunity to engage with family, community, and the world with vigour and purpose. In short, they see retirement not as the end of life, but just the beginning. Work is soon to begin on…