Ani Fiske Evergreen Resident

24.04.18 Our Residents

Movement & Colour

Born in Bloemfontein 75 years ago, Ani Fiske has seen a lot and done a lot in her lifetime.


19.04.18 Blog

The importance of beauty sleep

Experts tell us that every hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to sleeping double that time after midnight! A bit like the old adage, “early to bed, early to rise makes a young man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Question is, can we apply this same logic to older persons. The sleep experts say yes….


17.04.18 Our People

The caring nature of Melanie Carstens

Our Muizenberg Village Manager, Melanie Carstens is a born and bred South African with the warmth of Africa running through her veins. One of three children, she was the only daughter and the eldest in a family that always cared for the needs of others. In fact, her dad kept a diary of all the…


10.04.18 Our Residents

Dr Brian Hambleton-Jones

Hard Rock at Lake Michelle. He’s been to the far reaches of Canada, and to remote islands off the coast of Taiwan. He’s hiked in Iceland, and seen the Grand Canyon.

Elderly couple riding bikes

06.04.18 Blog

Retirement villages aid residents to cope with the loss of a spouse.

“When I think of death, and of late the idea has come with alarming frequency, I seem at peace with the idea that a day will dawn when I will no longer be among those living in this valley of strange humors. I can accept the idea of my own demise, but I am unable…

retire with your pets

05.04.18 Blog

A different take on retirement

Most working people look forward to retirement. The chance to sit back and relax after years of hard slog seems like a dream when one is stuck in the eighth meeting of the day.


27.03.18 News

SA retirement sector growing despite challenges

The water crisis in parts of South Africa is without question currently one of the biggest talking points in the country.

Noordhoek Aerial Shot 1 March 2018

23.03.18 News

A looming new housing crisis

Already at grave levels in the Western Cape, the shortage of housing could soon hit a new crisis:  accommodation for the elderly. The number of people aged over 60 is growing significantly – and is expected to double by 2050.  StatsSA says South Africans older than 60 increased from 6,61% in 2002 to 8,01% in…


20.03.18 News

What’s the difference between a Life Right and Sectional Title

The term “Life Right” may seem unfamiliar to those outside of the retirement community. Far from climbing the property ladder, it could be considered the equivalent of finding a steady balance on the top rung.


16.03.18 News

Surge in dedicated estates

People are living longer and remaining in better health, which has changed the face of retirement estates and left developers struggling to keep up with demand. The World Health Organisation’s 2015 World Report on Ageing and Health says the proportion of SA’s population aged 60 years and older will double from 7.7% in that year…