Evergreen Broadacres Green Belt

20.02.18 News

Retirement undergoing change with baby boomers at the forefront

A dramatic transformation in the retirement sector has ensued with a major shift in the ageing paradigm. This has provided modern accommodation options worlds away from the usual convention model.  “The current retirement market is the baby boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964) and they are very different from their predecessors who were more…


01.02.18 News

Retirement Estate Firm Rallying to Provide Water for Elderly Residents

The Western Cape water crisis is coming to a head fast, and, for many, panic has started to sink in.  With Day Zero more than likely, despite the best efforts of many residents to minimise water usage, drastic measures are now needed.


12.12.17 Village News

Broadacres’ Henri Postema turns 100

Evergreen Broadacres resident Henri Postema celebrated his 100th birthday at the Evergreen Lifestyle Estate recently. Find out more about the party and one man’s exceptional life.


20.11.17 News

Val de Vie-aftreeoord: Hoekom lewensreg?

Aftree-eiendom is een van die subsektore in die Suid-Afrikaanse huismark waar die vraag die aanbod steeds verreweg oorskry.


10.10.17 News

Expansion plans for Cape’s premier retirement estate

Pippa Hudson and her team hosted a live broadcast from Evergreen Lifestyle Village Muizenberg to mark Older Persons Week and talk all things retirement planning.


09.05.17 News

Housing for the older generation: greater supply crucial for the future

Today’s generation of older people – those nearing 70 – are able to live a lifestyle associated more with younger people. Unlike their parents, retirement at the age of 60 or 65 is not mandatory, and many are choosing to extend their working lives – either out of financial