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The Life Right model offers flexibility and purchase options tailored to your financial circumstances, with reduced upfront costs and transparent, affordable levies.

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The internationally acclaimed Life Right model has distinct advantages and demand is increasing locally for retirement villages that are run on this basis.

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When it comes to healthcare, one size certainly does not fit all. Evergreen’s fully equipped healthcare centres deliver discreet home-based healthcare, assisted living, 24-hour nursing and recuperative care. There are also frail care facilities, if needed. (Currently Muizenberg only.)

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Evergreen's stylish homes are designed by architects. Cottages and apartments are set within landscaped gardens on lush eco estates that offer wonderful views.

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All villages are secured with electric fencing, CCTV cameras, 24-hour patrols, strict access control, and telecare units in all homes in case of medical or other emergencies.

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Community living is integral to life in an Evergreen Village. So expect state-of-the-art lifestyle centres which typically include a dining room, bistro, TV lounge, games room, bar, library, outdoor deck with braai facilities, heated indoor pool, gym, salon and laundry.

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We recognise that Evergreen is home to a community with very specific interests, concerns and needs. By delivering service excellence and exceeding expectations, Evergreen makes perfect sense for retirement, not just for residents, but for their loved ones too.

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  • Testimonial

    Jim Raubenheimer

    People often think, “What the heck am I going to do when I retire?” But I can tell you there’s not a lot of time for boredom at Evergreen because there’s so much to do, with all the clubs and social activities. There’s the gym and library; we have a photographic society and a wine club that meets regularly; we've got a games room where we play bridge, chess and canasta. I haven't seen anybody playing poker or strip poker yet, but it could happen, I guess!

  • Testimonial

    Sophia McKeller

    I've been here for four years and I've never looked back. People sometimes cling to things, afraid to make a mind shift or to move away from what they know. You have to take a leap of faith – I did and I can really recommend it. I've been so happy here and there’s so much to do – the library, the pool, the gym, movie nights, walkabouts, bus tours and more. Strangers become friends and there’s never a dull moment. If you open your front door there is always someone to chat to. The company of other people is wonderful here.

  • Testimonial

    John & Jill Morgan

    Our biggest fear about growing old was that we’d become a burden to our children, so our move here was more about taking the worry off their shoulders. They live overseas, so they’re concerned about our health and safety. We knew that when we moved to Evergreen we’d be well looked after because of the exceptional healthcare facilities, and we’d be more safe and secure than if we were living in a big house on our own. So it's all worked out well – they’re very happy that we’re here, and so are we!

  • Testimonial

    Jean & Peter de Villiers

    We were looking for a place to retire to, and we have certain needs; my husband hasn't been very well and being deaf he also needed to have the assurance that if anything happened to me he would have support on hand, as he can’t simply pick up a telephone and call for help. We looked around very extensively and when we finally found Evergreen we knew it was the perfect fit. Here we are - 3 years later – settled in, with lots of lovely friends, and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Testimonial

    Rob Peters

    Often, when people retire and settle into an environment like this, they leave it too late - they arrive today and tomorrow they’re gone. So the moment I turned 60 we decided to take the plunge - that way we have the next 10 to 20 years to enjoy ourselves. My wife is still working and we live an independent life together, so we don’t really utilise the village facilities that much …but it’s reassuring to know they’re there.

  • Testimonial

    Sue Butcher

    As a single women, the sense of security and peace of mind is invaluable. The women living here say they literally put their heads down at night and go to sleep - no problem. We’re not nearly as anxious as we were living on our own, and if there are any issues with security or maintenance - not my problem. It’s such a comfort to know that management are always on hand to handle things.

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